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We have the experience in serving clients in the manufacturing sector in a wide variety of industries from site assessment stage through plant construction, operational phase and expansions.

  • Feasibility studies and Preliminary Site Assessments
  • Environmental Impact Assessment for new plant or expansion of operations
  • Environmental Management Plan and Environmental Compliance Audits
  • Green industry audit – cleaner production initiatives, energy audit, carbon footprint
  • HAZOP/Process Safety Management
  • Chemical Health Risk Assessment & Quantitative Health Risk Assessment
  • Environmental Site Assessment – Phase 1 & Phase 2 including soil & groundwater investigation
  • Contaminated land and remediation
  • Wastewater treatment and permitting services for water abstraction from river
  • Permitting services for Prescribed Activities including usage of alternative fuel and alternative raw material; and recycling/reuse of scheduled waste.
  • Basel Convention permitting services
  • Training services

We also offer Cleaner Production consultancy for the manufacturing sector under the Green Industry Scheme. Incorporating CP into the production process, benefits your organization in one or a combination of of the following aspects throughout the life cycle of the product:

  • Conserving raw materials
  • Water and energy
  • Eliminating toxic and dangerous raw materials
  • Reduction of all emissions and wastes at the source

Our consultants have the expertise and are DOE -registered Green Technology / Cleaner Production auditors who can guide you through these processes.