Risk Assessment

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Risk Assessment

In collaboration with our international partners who have extensive experience globally in this field, we offer extensive range of human health and ecological risk assessment and risk management services.

We can undertake contaminated site requiring remediation or a new development facing public opposition, our technical expertise and stakeholder practitioners provide you with the knowledge and analytical tools necessary to identify sustainable business, social and environmental factors as part of your decision process.

We employ a multidisciplinary approach and assemble the right teams to meet your project requirements. Our team include the skills and experience of chemists, toxicologists, ecologists, environmental engineers, scientists, modelers, systems failure mode analysts, regulatory expertise and more.

Specialised Risk Assessment

We perform integrated risk assessment and services in the manufacturing, oil and gas, mining, power, and urban development and infrastructure sectors regarding:

  • Human health and ecological risk
  • Population and environmental health
  • Human and environmental toxicology
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Social risk management

Public and Private Sector Projects

We can assist industry, government and communities with decision analysis in major projects such as:

  • Highways, airports and rail/transit
  • Water resources, quality, source and delivery
  • Waste disposal and remediation
  • Facility sitings and closures
  • Brownfield development
  • Greenfield development

Risk Assessment & Decision Analysis Services

Our risk and decision analysis services include:

  • Decision analysis and probabilistic cost estimation
  • Environmental sampling
  • Risk assessment and risk prioritisation
  • Risk management and risk communication
  • Expert witness services
  • Design and implementation of risk-based remedial plans
  • Site monitoring and information management
  • Development of guidance documents and policy white papers

Types of Land Development

We can meet the needs of commercial, industrial, residential and governmental land development projects such as:

  • Amenities: Schools, hospitals, gardens, parks and public spaces
  • Commercial: Mid-rise and high-rise office buildings and retail
  • Industrial: Greenfield sites and redevelopment of existing sites
  • Leisure: Stadiums, arenas, resorts, casinos and ski areas
  • Residential: Apartments, condominiums, mixed-use residential and single-family homes
  • Governmental: Land reclamation and brownfield redevelopment