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Waste to Energy Solutions

Waste Management Services

We have the expertise and together with our international partners, we have decades of experience in landfill design, permitting, construction monitoring, operations support, environmental monitoring, facility closure and post-closure engineering services.

Our expertise in waste management stems from years of environmental engineering and consulting for the waste industry in addition to other industries such as mining, oil and gas, power, manufacturing and municipalities. AGV and its partners offer you proven experience in waste disposal, transfer, storage, diversion, treatment and management.
We provide services in all project phases from inception to construction and offer a full range of technology solutions. These projects can range from designing a new landfill to transforming a closed landfill into a viable community recreational facility by using a landfill gas collection system. We also examine the feasibility of mechanical-biological treatment (MBT) plants and thermal conversion facilities for municipal waste. We also offer environmental compliance and public participation consultants who can guide productive stakeholder engagement activities as part of the permitting and public approval process.

Planning & Design Services

  • Waste management system planning
  • Technology reviews
  • Lifecycle assessments of waste systems and technologies
  • Carbon management
  • Waste diversion (3Rs) strategies including composting and anaerobic digestion
  • Landfill, ash monofill and waste facility design
  • Landfill gas capture and utilisation planning and design
  • Leachate management design
  • Landfill mining, rehabilitation and remediation planning

Permitting Services

  • Energy from waste permitting
  • Recycling and compost facility siting and permitting
  • Landfill facility and permitting
  • Stakeholder engagement plan and programs
  • Compliance support